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Open 70+ Men Doubles
Open Under 45 Men Doubles
Open Under 45 Women Doubles
45+ Men's Doubles 3.5 under
45+ Men's Doubles 3.5 over
45+ Women's Doubles 3.5 under
45+ Women's Doubles 3.5 over
Mixed Doubles Men 3.5 under
Mixed Doubles Men 3.5 over
Mixed Doubles Women 3.5 under
Mixed Doubles 3.5 over

2 games 11 pts
All points will be captures to determined the winner during the round robin stage matches

NOTE: Each event will have a maximum capacity of registrants. For example, in men's doubles 3.5 over will have a maximum of 12 teams. ie. 24 players

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8am thru 5pmNizar Moosa

This is a PCO "supported" tournament
[A Supported tournament differs from a Sanctioned tournament in
that there is no rating system provided and the use of officials for
matches is determined by the Tournament Director]

Open Pickleball Tournament

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8:00am-5:00pmDave Aasen

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