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Ad Title: National Leader, Junior Pickleball Program
Location: Work from home - Canada
Post Date: 04/03/19
Contact: Marv Wainberg
City: Any city in Canada
Email: humanresources@pickleballcanaca.org
The Opportunity

The National Leader of Juniors Pickleball will work with other passionate and determined leaders
with the goal of getting more young people playing pickleball, from coast to coast to coast.

The Leader will:

▪ collaborate with colleagues at Pickleball Canada and leaders of provincial/territorial
pickleball associations in preparing a national strategy and program framework for juniors
▪ determine the respective roles of the three levels within the organized pickleball-in-Canada
system in developing more pickleball opportunities for children and youth
▪ identify what needs to be done to introduce young Canadians to pickleball and to provide
them with the coaching and other supports to develop their game and to enjoy the sport
▪ consult with Canadian national and provincial sport organizations, and the USAPA in order to
tap into existing resources and to consider opportunities for joint ventures

The Leader will investigate and recommend:

▪ tools, guidelines, standards and other resources for schools, recreation centres, local clubs and
other groups
▪ advocacy and lobbying approaches regarding the inclusion of pickleball into the mainstream
of school curricula, municipal recreation programming and community-based youth
▪ other strategies to increase the number and variety of places-to-play for junior pickleballers

The Leader will act to coordinate, facilitate or support the implementation of the indicated
program initiatives.
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